Between construction and everyday travel, your Genesis sports car’s suspension takes a beating. Even the most careful of drivers are bound to run over railroad tracks or miss a big dip in the road. Your model is designed to handle road conditions with grace and deliver a smooth ride regardless of the weather or road conditions. However, over time, you may notice your handling deteriorating slightly. Learn more about protecting your vehicle then contact Universal Genesis near Kissimmee if you have any questions.

Misalignment warning signs

At your annual maintenance visit, our team always checks your car’s alignment. But, your vehicle will also display a few signs when an adjustment is required. For example, the steering wheel may shake or rattle under your hands. You may notice that the steering wheel jerks from side to side or that it sits crooked even when you’re driving straight. All of these issues point to an alignment problem. If you’re still not sure, then check your tires. If you notice one tire looking more worn than others, then it’s a sign of uneven wear, which is another reason to have it inspected.

Alignment basics

When you bring your Genesis sports car into our dealership, then we’ll start by performing an inspection to see how it drives and also how the undercarriage looks. Specifically, our team is checking to see if there’s any damage from the misalignment. Typical areas affected include your steering bushing, tie rods, suspension, and ball joints. We’ll also examine your tires for extra wear and tear.

Protect your Genesis sports car by scheduling an appointment with Universal Genesis. Our Genesis car dealer near Kissimmee provides a variety of services to ensure your vehicle performs well throughout the year.