As stores fill up with school supplies and parents check off long lists, there are plenty of other issues that add stress. That’s why Universal Genesis aims to provide you with value that delivers extra peace of mind. On every Genesis for sale near Kissimmee, you’ll find innovative safety tech, so you don’t have to worry once you get on the road.

2019 Genesis G80 safety tech

With hectic school mornings arriving, it’s essential to stay focused while driving. With that in mind, Genesis develops safety tech aimed at keeping your family safe. You’ll find advanced technologies on all models and trims that improve your security while on the road.

Forward collision avoidance assist. When traveling in heavy traffic, this technology detects vehicles that are slowing down or stopped in front of your car. It’ll also alert you to pedestrians, and if you don’t take action, it can engage automatic braking.

Smart cruise control. This tech uses a front-mounted radar sensor to detect your distance from the car ahead of you. Then it automatically adjusts to maintain a safe speed and distance.

Lane-keeping assist. Avoid distracted driving with this tech that uses a front-mounted camera to read road lines. If you veer from your lane, then you’ll receive an audio alert, and your car will make small corrections automatically.

Driver attention warning system. It’s easy to get distracted when driving with kids in the car. That’s why this system analyzes your driving patterns and provides an audio and visual alert if you repeatedly show signs of distraction.

Parents have enough to worry about when it comes to the school year. Give yourself peace of mind while on the road with a 2019 Genesis G80. The safety features and innovative options ensure that you’ll deliver your family to school without worry. Call Universal Genesis and schedule your test drive today.