Driving with a flat tire is hazardous to you, your passengers, and other drivers. Plus, it can harm your Genesis vehicle. However, changing a flat alongside a busy road can be hazardous, as well. If you have questions about your tires or tire service, then search for a Genesis car dealership near Kissimmee, FL. Our team at Universal Genesis Orlando is here to answer your questions.

Take precautions before hitting the road

Always do a walk around your Genesis sports car before getting on the road. Along with checking your four tires, take a look in your trunk. Make sure that your spare tire is in your vehicle and in good condition. Include these items for additional safety:

  • Lug wrench for removing tire lug nuts.
  • Jack for raising your car.
  • Flashlight and weather-resistant clothing for inclement weather.
  • Work gloves for handling your tire and tools.
  • Tire wedges to keep your car from rolling.
  • A reflective vest to improve your visibility.
  • Other safety items, like road flares or battery-operated flashers.

Stay safe after experiencing a flat tire

If you get a flat while on the road, then it’s crucial to stay calm. Resist the urge to hit your brakes or sheer sharply off the road. Instead, slowly navigate your vehicle as far off the road as possible. Your goal is to place as much space between your car and oncoming traffic. Turn on your hazard lights and set your parking brake before stepping foot out of your vehicle.

Find a Genesis car dealership near me in Kissimmee

Spare tires can’t handle continuous use or higher speeds. Once you have a spare tire on your car, then it’s necessary to get a new tire put on immediately. Give Universal Genesis Orlando a call with any questions or to set up a service appointment. By taking precautions and performing inspections, you’ll protect your family and investment while on the road.